Diana Ejaita

Berlin - Germany, Milan - Italy, Lagos - Nigeria

Water, roots, communication are the drop, leaf, and net. We need a change from capitalistic ideals to other solutions by the empowerment of the so-called underdeveloped nations. Each one teach one!

Water, blue–a need and threat–covers most of our planet. The sun–the white ball–refers to climate change. The root, the leaf; if we don't keep an eye on our ecosystem we might lose it all. Communication, together we will find solutions. White and black dot. How small is our globe compared to the universe!?

Interview with Diana

Postfossil: Hello! What is your name and where are you from?

Hi there ! My Name is Diana Ejaita and I am Italo-Nigerian.

Postfossil: How do you work?

I am an Illustrator and textile designer. I work mostly with silkscreen, hand and digital drawing,wood/lino engraving.

Postfossil: What inspires you?

I am mostly into central african culture, I love it’s literature, animism believes and textile traditions. But as a child of migration and of interracial parents i am very driven by the issues of colonial/ post colonial effects, racial , gender discrimination and identity research.

Postfossil: What are you up to right now?

I am working on a newborn project called “Silk Girls and Screens” that started during an artist residence in Senegal. As an independent silk silkscreen artist, illustrator and fashion designer I have been giving workshops to all kind of people, children, adults, professionals, amateurs and kids with learning difficulties.I love this Job because it’s the chance I have to get out of my own creative ball and share my knowledge meet people through creativity,

propose solutions and learn new ones.

During my stay in Senegal I noticed that women who engage in Art Studies are frowned, with the ones who pursue fine arts professionally almost treated as outsiders. They’re also more closely bound by parental input and family life than boys are, so attempts to be independent can lead to rejection. I think silk screen is a powerful method of communication that gives girls the chance to share ideas, stories and information where they might otherwise not feel empowered to do so. And as it’s so cheap and easy it can be done at home, for either artistic purposes or even as a small-scale industrial production for those who want to make an income from it. So I am organising a one year “Silk Girls and Screens” project travelling from Senegal to Nigeria, where I will give silkscreen workshops offering the chance to learn the technique as well as questioning the role of women in society and in the art scene. It’s an ambitious big project I am now looking for support and collaborations so feel free to join and contact me for more informations!!


Postfossil: How did you start the design process of the flag?

I love to use symbolic, raw simple signs like the Nigerian Nsibidi which are my most source of inspiration. I like to start always manually even if the project ends up been digital because it’s important to always have traces of the working hands, imperfection is very important to me. So I started with wood and linoleum, printed on paper and continued digitally…

Postfossil: What do you want to express with your design of the flag?

Black Nigerian Nsibidi sacral ideograms, from left to right: water roots and communication, translated into the correspondent three lower symbols ( drop, Leaf, net ). Give water to the seed and it will tell you something! The usual view of our globe is upside down the southern countries are represented by the black symbolic on the top and the northern countries down, suggest the need of a change from the capitalistic, consuming ideals to other solutions through the empowerment of those countries that are considered underdeveloped…Each one teach one! Water, blue a need and a threat, mostly covers our planet, with the sun, the white ball on the background talk about the problematic of climate change; the root and the leaf are nature, they say that if we do not keep an eye on our ecosystem we might loos it all; communication against inequality and discrimination…together we must find a solution for the good of all of us.

The big white ball, the sun, and the small black dot the earth…How small is our globe compared to the vastity of the universe!?

Postfossil: What is your wish for the future of the planet?


I wish we understand that the material excess we are obsessed with is dangerous, worthless but able to manipulate our “valuable things for one time life experience “ list. I wish that, now that we are in the era of communication, we should finally communicate, listen, look and act, with out action, the first part is useless. I wish our ego-centred culture could magically disappear and we could see the other as a mirror of ourselves, this is the only way to break boundaries and be socially aware.

I wish the new generations will grow obsessed by the respect of nature, the seas the animals the forests and so on to maybe be able to revers the rape their parents, grandparents and so on did to the ground that secured their steps and generously offered them the chance to make their dreams come true.