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Pascaline Lefebvre

The flag is showing a human and a plant. It’s a union between vegetation and human beings: together they become one. My hope for the planet is for humans to find a way to coexist with nature, in a respectful and sustainable way. So the general idea is to represent the fusion of the individuals in their environment.

Montreal, Canada

Interview with Pascaline

Postfossil: Hello! What is your name and where are you from?

Hi! My name is Pascaline, and I’m from Canada.

Postfossil: How do you work?

I draw with a basic pencil, I scan it and I add colours on the computer.

Postfossil: What inspires you?

TV shows for kids, children’s books, and old illustration from the past.


Postfossil: What are you up to right now?

I’m working on illustrations for a book.

Postfossil: How did you start the design process of the flag?

I did multiple quick drawings in my sketchbook, I chose 3 of them to scan and then made a choice of my favorite one. Then I added colours and converted the image to vectors.

Postfossil: What do you want to express with your design of the flag?

A union between vegetation and human beings, a representation of a symbiosis between the individuals and their environment.

Postfossil: What is your wish for the future of the planet?

More care for the environment, more collaboration between humans.

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