Our flag is a graphic interpretation of the German word "Auflösung" which means both resolution in the context of display graphics and/or to dissolve something like the border of a country. In an abstract way, our proposal visualises the process of dissolving a clear border into one large area. As a symbol, it stands for an open and free world without any borders or nationalities, where we are all living and working together for a better future. 

Badesaison: Lukas Ackermann, Andreas Spörri, Boris Stoll

Zurich, Switzerland

Interview with Badesaison

Postfossil: Hello! What is your name and where are you from?

Hello! We are Badesaison, a Graphic Design Studio from Zurich, founded by Lukas Ackermann, Andreas Spurri & Boris Stoll.

Postfossil: How do you work?

In the beginning we like to discuss to find out our personal view on a certain topic. After that we are sometimes designing together, sometimes alone. Important is to talk about everything from time to time. In the end, every final result should be approved by everyone.

Postfossil: What inspires you?

For us, everything around us can be inspiration. Its important to go through life with open eyes to discover unforseen things!


Postfossil: What are you up to right now?

We are working on around 8 different projects at the moment. From smaller projects like this right now to bigger, more extensive tasks. We are mainly focussed on cultural projects, like working for musicians, restaurants, exhibitions or festivals. 

Postfossil: How did you start the design process of the flag?

First step is always doing research and collect everything around the topic. In a second step we try to focussing on interesting views and find an approach to start designing. 

Postfossil: What do you want to express with your design of the flag?

Our flag stands for a world without any borders or nationalities. Its a symbol for dissolving all borders and change the world into one place for everyone. 

Postfossil: What is your wish for the future of the planet?

Work together, carry less about money, take care about everyone else and our nature.