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Wurood Azzam


Flag Title: Elements of Earth


My flag design is inspired by the four physical elements of our planet; fire, air, water, and earth. Each element represents the sustainability of the environment in triangular forms, which have both a scientific and a spiritual meaning. These triangle shapes are also symbols of the four elements. They are horizontally placed in the centre showing the importance of unity and equality within the four physical elements.

Interview with Wurood Azzam

Postfossil: Hello! What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Wurood Azzam. I am originally from Iraq, but have been living in Qatar my whole life.

Postfossil: How do you work?

I have always been interested in combining fine art with graphic design. I am passionate about the two directions and enjoy allowing it to be part of my process. I do my work manually by hand and digitally as well. I approach my design from both a poetic and pragmatic perspective.

Postfossil: What inspires you?

My family are my biggest inspiration. My father is a portrait artist, my mother is a graphic designer and my brother is a digital artist. Being part of this family created an artistic environment in my up-bringing which has always been my biggest inspiration.


Postfossil: What are you up to right now?

I graduated from university last year and I am currently working as a graphic designer in Qatar. I am always looking for new experience and exploring what I can do next.

Postfossil: How did you start the design process of the flag?

I started the process by researching about what the earth is made of, how it was created and the different elements shape it.

Postfossil: What do you want to express with your design of the flag?

I wanted to show the four main physical elements of the earth. They are crucial aspects of this planet and they are the reason we exist on this surface.

Postfossil: What is your wish for the future of the planet?

As a Middle-Eastern woman, I wish that the world lives in harmony and in peace. My dream is to live in a world where we all have our countries open for one another and to have the freedom to travel and visit every part of the planet without any restrictions or fears.

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